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December 2014

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”Every dollar makes a difference. And that’s true whether it’s Warren Buffet’s remarkable

$31 billion pledge to the Gates Foundation or my late father’s $25 check to the NAACP.”


                                                                                                                                                                    – Michael Bloomberg

For generations, the great names of American philanthropy such as Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Mellon shared not only great wealth, but shared their names on buildings, funded scholarships, and paid for endowed chairs. Just the mention of these historic families denotes power and philanthropy. 

Today the names of Gates, Buffet, Broad, and now even Zuckerberg, will become the family names honored by future generations. Given that we live in a more complex world, it is very possible that their giving may have an even greater impact than those great philanthropists of yesteryear. 

But what of our giving to help make Sarasota/Bradenton the best it can be? Are we doing enough? Do we have our own mini-Buffets and even more importantly, do we have a generous spirit as a community?

In our feature article, “A Tale of a Better City”, Sharon Kunkel writes about the pressing needs facing us, the programs to make them better, and the people and organizations trying to make this happen. Our generous spirit, as Sharon points out, takes public will, money, and vision from the donors who give so generously, to the foundations who take on the big initiatives, to the nonprofits that make them happen. And while we are doing a good job, there is definitely room for improvement.

Also in this issue we proudly feature “The Giving Book” – profiles on area nonprofits, which bring to light the important services each provides, the help they need, and the passion of the people leading the way. As a philanthropic company with a rich local history, we are honored to have Al Purmort Insurance as presenting sponsor of “The Giving Book”. 

It’s the time of year during which we typically think more of others. I hope this holiday season you will tap into an organization you feel passionate about and give. Remember, as Michael Bloomberg says above, “Every dollar makes a difference.” I know you won’t be writing a check for $31 billion, but even small donations are helpful and appreciated.

If you have a love of this community and for your fellow man, let’s not make it “A Tale of a Better City”. Let’s just make it “A Better City”.

                                                                                                                                                               – Julie Milton