Why We Love Edie Parker Clutches

These evening bags are your own personal art gallery.

We enjoy the finer things in life. Who doesn’t? This March, we themed our issue “The Good Life” and featured some of the best of the best that our sumptuous little town has to offer. Cars, jewelry, clothes, accessories, real estate…you name it, we covered it. One of our favorites (though don’t ask us to actually choose a fave) is the python clutch by Edie Parker.

What’s special about a clutch?

Glad you asked. First of all, a clutch can elevate your evening ensemble from pretty to “daaayyyuuummmm!” as well as any piece of jewelry. Think chic lbd with a shiny, candy-apple red acrylic clutch, or a neutral gown paired with a bright clutch in an unexpected, fun pattern (Edie Parker has been known to come in shark print, flamingo, and just about any random word you can think of). Also, each piece is handmade (in America!), which makes each one unique; what’s more, you can design your own custom clutch on Edie Parker’s website.

“Take risks but don’t be a victim to trends. And always wear clothes, don’t let them wear you.” – Brett Heyman


Founder and designer Brett Heyman found inspiration through a combination of her own childhood obsession with vintage handbags and experiences working for Gucci, D & G, Elle, and Armani. Sure, she gets crazy requests for custom bags, but, as she says, that’s the point – to choose something that describes your personality – or just makes you happy.

Colors, textures, patterns, you name it – you’ll find an Edie Parker to suit your style (and if not, design it yourself!). Think of it as your own personal piece of mobile art – arm candy that will surely get you noticed.  – Bobbilynn Hollifield


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Source: World Class Dentistry | sarasotadentist.com