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Five Design Trends You Didn’t Know You Needed in 2017

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Think natural materials, wire chairs, and optimal use of space.

Most of us will be relieved to know that some of the pressure of 2016 is off – flawless, all-white rooms, indigo everything and chunky furniture are things of the past. 2017 is about unexpected elements and bringing the outside in, deep, rich jewel tones, and texture, texture, texture.

Here’s what’s new:

Out: oversized, overstuffed furniture

In: wire furniture

Wire furniture has been on the precipice of a trend for a few years now. The simple, clean lines, indoor-outdoor versatility, fresh colors, and minimalistic style are perfect for creating an outdoor feel indoors. The openness of wire furniture also maximizes the available space, rather than crowding your room like chunky, opaque furniture tends to do.

Out: brass

In: warm, muted metals

Brass made a fleeting comeback in 2016, preferred for its ability to give a room a shiny touch at a low cost. However, the metal look of 2017 is gold or bronze, mainly for the chameleon-like ability to accent almost all colors – warm or cool, neutral or bright. A warm metal is also perfect for adding the perfect accent to any room. If you just must have your brass, try it in a satin finish for a softer, more understated look.

Out: monochromatic indigo

In: rich jewel tones

2017 is all about comfort, texture, and grown-up glam. Warm, rich jewel tones like ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emerald layer with one another to create this atmosphere. Deep, dusky colors complement the wire furniture in a unique juxtaposition that balances cozy with efficient.

Out: flat, smooth surfaces

In: texture

2016 was focused on perfection and smooth, clean lines. This year, however, we’ve evolved. Chunky stitching, pleats, folds, velvet, terracotta…again, we’re letting go of polished, sterile environments and focusing on warmth and texture. Think of natural materials such as cork (yes, it’s back!), brick, any textural, warm material with which you feel connected.

Out: sharp edges

In: soft, rounded shapes

While squared corners and clean lines were a thing in 2016, we’re rounding things off for the sake of our comfort and livability. Think upholstered headboards, Moroccan poufs, and curved edges.

Style is a personal, subjective thing; no need to follow a trend just because it’s a trend. Find your own style, then see how you can work a trend while staying true to your own tastes. It’s completely possible to strike a perfect balance between timely and timeless – consider your staple pieces an investment, and then “dress up” the rooms with trendy accessories that speak to you. And keep in mind that trends come and go, ebb and flow, evolve and make comebacks. If you love something, keep it! Bobbilynn Hollifield

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