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Dr. David L. Mobley On Replacing Older Saline Implants

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Recent innovations in breast augmentation and breast lift surgery make replacement of old saline-filled breast implants an extremely attractive option for a generation of women whose implants are aging. Saline implants were used to enlarge the breasts of millions of women during a 14-year FDA ban on gel implants, which ended in 2006 after they were proven to be safe. It is not uncommon for old saline implants to need replacement because of deflation or increased visibility and rippling. In addition, women often prefer the softer and more natural appearance of the new cohesive silicone gel breast implants.

A new 4th and 5th generation of increasingly cohesive (thicker, more substantial) silicone gel breast implants are now available. Consensus is that they are safer and more effective than any previous version that came before them. These implants, nicknamed “gummy bear” implants, help produce a better breast shape and feel much more like a natural breast. They also come in a range of profiles, including an anatomically realistic “tear-drop” shape for an ultra-natural result. By modifying VECTRA 3-dimensional images of a patient’s own breasts, we can now show specifically how each implant would look after the procedure. This ability to preview results helps to greatly improve decision making and communication between the doctor and patient concerning the desired shape and size.

For patients who also need a breast lift, the use of Vertical Mastopexy has greatly reduced the occurrence of scarring and improved the shape and longevity of the breast lift. In addition, Galaflex Mesh, a transient scaffold which supports the tissue after a breast lift, appears to solve the age-old problem of “gravity wins.”   Using Galaflex Mesh is like wearing an internal demi-bra, which helps support the newly-lifted breast for two years. Even after the mesh is absorbed, it leaves behind a layer of supportive living tissue, which is 3-5 times stronger than the original tissue. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, as far as helping to keep the breast lifted and maintaining perkiness.

In combination, the latest gel implants, vertical mastopexy and Galaflex mesh support can produce truly natural-looking breasts with the perkiness that many women desire. With access to much better, safer implants and so many options as far as profile and shape, replacing your old saline implants is highly advantageous. The new technology gives patients a soft, lifelike breast with better shape and less chance of developing excess firmness or leakage. Breast lifts have also greatly improved using vertical mastopexy, which greatly reduces the scarring (usually leaving only a lollipop-shaped scar, rather than the anchor scars of the past). Galaflex mesh practically eliminates the drooping that used to occur frequently after breast lift surgery and helps maintain the coveted fullness in the upper breast.

For women with aging saline-filled implants who desire replacement and women who need a breast lift, a youthful, life-like breast with fullness in the upper breast is now possible. With 4th and 5th generation silicone implants in both shaped and higher profiles, Galaflex mesh for support of breast lifts and vertical breast lifts with limited scarring, plastic surgeons have the tools and technology to offer patients a truly youthful appearance.

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