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A Tale of Two Harbor Acres Homes

Going through the process of building a home is a daunting task for anyone. How do you choose the builder that’s right for you? The truth is you may not know if you made the right choice until you are too far along in the process – way too late. So what’s the best way to know? Ask your builder if they’ve ever built a second home for a client or were asked to renovate a home they built. That’s real trust and that trust factor proves you’ve got a good one.
One such local builder is TJ Nutter, who knows that integrity is the foundation of a great reputation and the building block of a successful business. Born and raised in Sarasota, his reputation is of the upmost importance to him and honesty and fairness are the codes he lives by.

“We are a relationship company,” said Nutter. We build relationships and trust while designing and building our clients’ homes. We have been working with several of our clients for many years, a few for which we have completed as many as five projects together. We have a mutual trust, which makes the process of building or renovating much easier for everyone involved.”
In this industry, positive word of mouth is imperative in a strong, tight-knit community like Sarasota. “The highest compliment we can receive is the opportunity to build again and again for the same client and having them speak so favorably to their friends and family about their personal building experience. The reward is knowing that you have far exceeded their expectations,” he said.

Just ask Gary Jones. Nutter Custom Construction built a home for Gary and Candice and when their needs changed, TJ Nutter got the nod to build their next home.
“We used to live on Siesta Key in a delightful home originally built in 1926 that was subsequently enlarged, but the structural integrity of the home was a growing concern for us during hurricane season. From there, we made the decision to try out one of the first condos downtown and quickly realized it was not for us,” said Gary. “Eventually we decided to move back into a house and came across T.J. Nutter who was building a model home in Harbor Acres. He had the footers in place, and we went ahead and purchased it. Although the bones of the house were there, T.J. was very accommodating in adopting our ideas about the house, including adding an elevator and making some upgrades to a bathroom and the trim to make it more of a custom house for myself and Candice.”

“That process took about 12 months and we got to know the supervisor, crew and staff. We were impressed with them as a team. They work very hard and have an eye for detail and quality,” he said. “We like the house, and the style fits well with its neighbors, but we had the opportunity to buy the lot adjacent to us. I had been thinking about a few needs, such as different accommodations for some classic cars I collect and adding a guesthouse as well as creating a residence that was architecturally interesting.”

Gary and Candice hired Mark Sultana with DSDG Architects to design a coastal contemporary style home with lots of glass and space to display the couple’s eclectic art they’ve collected from all parts of the world that also would have minimal maintenance with stainless steel, aluminum and concrete. “Our desire is for a modern design that is exciting and different, but at the same time very comfortable for those who live in it,” he said. We did our research on other builders in the area, but in the end, it was not much of a decision, and we chose T.J. He reaches over backward to be accommodating to our needs. That’s important because construction in this booming market can get frustrating if things take longer than planned. T.J. handles all that, and in the end, the quality of what he does is what lasts and is important in the long term.”

Well into construction, their new residence will have many modern design elements, but with its curved roof-line creating unique, gentle spaces inside and out, it will also offer a warm feeling not typically found in modern design.

For more information on homes constructed by Nutter Custom Construction or to learn how we can design and build your masterpiece, please contact (941.924.1868).

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