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Rug Rage

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If you’re hooked on HGTV’s wildly popular show “Fixer Upper” like I am, then you certainly know Joanna Gaines, who stars on the show along with her husband, Chip. This amazingly talented mother of four is also co-founder and lead designer of Magnolia Home.

Magnolia Home features furniture, accessories and eye-catching room elements all designed by Joanna in several styles including Industrial, Modern, Traditional, Primitive, French-inspired, Boho and Farmhouse. But it is Gaines’ latest collaboration with Loloi Rugs that is creating the biggest buzz.

The result is a collection of rugs, pillows and throws with a simple, fresh and timeless style matching a wide variety of styles that you can mix and match with different pieces in the collection to create unique spaces bringing warmth and texture to any room in the house. Best yet? You don’t have to go far to see them. Sarasota’s fabulous Rugs as Art on S. Tamiami Trail (941.921.1900) is now carrying her entire line of rugs.

Gaines loves what rugs can do for a room and so do I. You can change the feel of an entire space by toning down a colorful room or bringing a monochromatic room to life with color. If you have neutral furniture, add a showstopper rug. If your furniture is bold, a neutral rug will blend well and add texture. The Loloi rugs are truly a work of art, are hand woven, and are high quality.

Rugs have come a long way. Be sure to stop in at Rugs as Art to check out the latest rage sure to stand the test of time.

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