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We asked Dr. Joseph Greco of Greco Medical Group to tell our readers about the power of Regenerative Medicine and its importance in rejuvenation and healing for health and cosmetic purposes.

The goal in Regenerative Medicine is to “regenerate not operate”, “repair not replace” and “modify or slow down” the progression of chronic disease by harnessing your body’s ability to heal itself.

How does the body heal itself?

Through our advancement in medical technology, we can now obtain stem cells from umbilical cord tissue (UCT) recovered from healthy, carefully screened and tested mothers at the time of a scheduled cesarean section. UCT provides an abundant source of stem cells termed mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs. MSCs are undifferentiated cells (not changed) that have the capacity to change into any specific cell type in the body. These cells, once deployed to an area of injury/disease, can readily change into the cell type that is needed to repair. Moreover, MSCs are directed to the body’s cell signals that recruit them to the site of the injury. Once they reach this area, they dock and begin repairing by releasing cytokines, growth factors and other components that are needed in the healing process. UCT is especially beneficial for patients over forty who, due to the aging process, have fewer viable cells than a younger patient would have. heal

A recent patient treated at Greco Medical Group diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome complained of knee pain for ten years. He was unresponsive to all previous traditional pain management treatments and pain medicines. The patient was injected with UCT stem cells and one week later was “without pain for the first time in 10 years.”

As a multi-specialty clinic, Greco Medical Group has been involved in regenerative medicine for the past ten years. Working with New Life Regenerative Medicine, we are excited to now be offering stem cell therapies utilizing UCT. heal

Using UCT is less painful and invasive and there is no down time for the patient as there is with other methods that required liposuction or bone marrow harvesting. This therapy is very versatile and is being used for the management of pain, facial rejuvenation and hair restoration, providing alternatives for those who do not want a surgical procedure, hair transplant, or would like to improve their skin or existing hair. heal

There’s a reason these therapies are becoming more popular with professional athletes and baby boomers. They truly can postpone or prevent some surgeries. Patients come to us from as far away as New Zealand every six months, and they wouldn’t do that unless they were getting results. Now, adding the regenerative factors from cord tissue is another step in the evolution of cellular therapy. heal

healDr. Joseph Greco is internationally recognized in this field and has helped develop numerous patented methods in regenerative medicine. Dr. Greco’s work has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Men’s Journal, and USA Today.
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